5 Tips for Building Muscle

As anyone who’s ever set foot inside one will know, gyms can be diverse places, attracting different people with different motivations. While some are more than content to ply their time on the treadmills repeatedly, others are focussed on trying their hands at the weights and stepping their muscle mass up by a level or two.

While it’s important to spend time on the weights, this isn’t the be all and end all to building size. Amongst everything else, those wishing to increase their physical strength need a balanced diet and exercise regime, not just going all gung-ho on the dumbbells.


Here are five top tips for anyone looking to be the next Mr. Olympia.

#1 – Know Your Limits

While it’s always tempting to push the boundaries on your first few attempts at something new, you must remember that you’ve got limits and you need to stick to them. You should remain realistic throughout your regime and lead a steady weightlifting session as oppose to pushing yourself too hard. Should you do that too often, you’ll damage muscle tissue, which will have dire consequences for your healing after training. Set achievable goals for yourself and only when you’ve reached them should you pick it up a pace.

#2 – Do the diet

If you’re a serial dieter, you’re probably used to thinking that any food is bad food and that you need to eat as little as possible. When trying to build muscle, that really isn’t the case. Stay well nourished and eat protein heavy foods, including chicken and eggs, when possible. This will strengthen muscles and help them grow.

#3 – Lift smart

When weightlifting, it’s important to recognise that adding variety to your training exercises is important and will allow you to work different muscles with different lifts. Ideally, go for four to eight repetitions for each lift, so you don’t overstretch yourself and stop serious damage occurring. With a variety of drills, your muscles will build healthier and faster.

#4 – Keep on the cardio

As you’re probably already well aware, it is important to focus your sessions on strength drills, but don’t completely dismiss the benefits that cardio training can bring you in your quest to increase muscle mass. Stamina will become a huge part of your sessions and endurance will be important when lifting those heavy weights. Nothing will get you fitter than cardio work.

#5 – Relish the rest

Amongst all the hard work, come to realise that rest is as important as every other part of your regime. Take a breather from time to time and allow your body to recuperate after a hard session, so you’re ready to go again the next day. While training, pace yourself so you can take mini-breaks in between sessions. You’re building muscles, not running a marathon, so don’t be worried if you need a breather.

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Citations:Image by Robert Fornal

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