5 Most Dangerous Motocross Stunts

You don’t become a big name in Motocross unless you are prepared to try and do things that place you on the other side of ‘living on edge’, with stunts or tricks that seem impossible when explained, but result in dropped-jaws and delirious reactions in equal measure when you roll away unscathed and on two-wheels. The term ‘DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME’ couldn’t apply more to the stunts listed below, but then again how could you, as each superman, can-can and nac-nac requires a pair of ramps both higher and longer than most of the streets us mere-mortals live on.
With each X-Games or Dew Tour raising the bar for Freestyle and Best Trick motocross time and time again, this list will be bound to change in just a few years – but below are the current top 5 most dangerous motocross stunts you will be likely to see:

Motocross Superman

5. Superman

In almost any motocross event, you will probably see Superman after Superman as the professionals seem so comfortable performing this trick they could almost do it in their sleep – making it more of an Easyman than a Superman, but to any novice or spectator looking on, this trick still packs truckloads of amazement. Just imagine trying it for the first time – there is no other way than to throw all caution to the wind and then follow it by throwing your body back off the bike as if you were Superman himself flying to save Lois Lane from Lex Luther. Hold on to either the handlebars, back seat or if you’re even more of a hero/daredevil, use no hands at all.

4. The Kiss of Death

Taking the Superman to whole new levels of unprecedented danger, The Kiss of Death requires even more agility, strength, control and more than just a little bit of bravery. Instead of simply pushing your body out horizontally in line with your bike, The Kiss of Death instead means going vertical and pulling a handstand on your handlebars – while flying through the air – many many feet off the ground… it isn’t hard to see where the name came from.

3. Suicide Can-Can

Notice a pattern developing here? After The Kiss of Death, we have the Suicide Can-Can and while a simple Can-Can is another staple of modern motocross, the Suicide Can-Can is the perfect descriptor of how the sport just gets crazier and crazier. Stick a leg out one side of the bike and then proceed to stick both out of the other (just like an average Can-Can) but do it all with no hands on the handlebars – easy right?

2. Front Flip

Remember everything you were taught when learning to ride a motorbike safely? Throw it all out of the window because you will need to go completely against it to pull off a Front Flip or even begin to attempt one. Still one of the rarest tricks to be performed, it was first landed (according to the good old guys at Guinness – so ‘officially landed’) by Jim Dechamp in 2008 and ever since very few have repeated it, mostly down to the skill involved and the fact that your head will be braking your fall if anything goes wrong.

1. Double Back Flip

So what could beat that? Enter Travis Pastrana and not just one backflip but two. Thought to be beyond impossible, the man from Nitro Circus again smashed the word in half and landed the ever-elusive double backflip – then vowed never to do it again – thus making it the most dangerous, impressive and awe-inspiring motorcycle stunt today: the fear-ridden Holy Grail of motocross.

Written by Richard Paul on behalf of J&S Accessories; suppliers of motorcycle helmets and other accessories for both motocross and conventional biking.

Citations: Images by Nelson D.

Top Tips for Buying a Helmet for Motocross

Motorsports can be very dangerous especially bike related activities such as motocross as the riders are more exposed to the elements. As a consequence it is vital that riders ensure they have the best protection possible in order to safeguard and reduce the chances of serious injury in the event of an accident. One of the most important piece of protective equipment is of course the helmet because protecting your head is not only important, but also a basic criterion while racing. There are various types of helmets available in the market, and choosing the right one can make a world of a difference. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you buy the right helmet.

Suomy Monster 2012

Size Matters

It is very important to know the exact size of the helmet you need before buying it, especially when doing so online. Major manufacturers usually have charts that list helmet sizes in inches. Apart from the right size, the front to back and ear to ear measurements are as important as the helmet helps protect your ear in a case of a crash. Your head is best protected with a helmet that fits snugly.

Certification is Important

Since you are going to use the helmet during races, it is extremely important to make sure that it is certified by an authentic organization. If it is certified by a body that regulates transport, for instance the Department of Transport, in the event of a crash you will be helped by the department. It is advisable to opt for a helmet that complies with all safety standards. Although certified helmets are a little more costly, they ensure complete protection.

Material of the Shell

Helmets are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Find one that fits your head properly and is lightweight. Heavy helmets can cause a strain on the neck with prolonged use. Make sure the shell size varies across sizes and one size isn’t used across all by padding it. Also, ensure that the shell is durable and offers the required protection to your head.

The Face Shield

Look for a helmet with a removable visor. A helmet with a face shield that facilitates the use of glasses or riding eye ware is best. The material and size of the face shield should also be taken into consideration.


Most helmets come with a users’ manual, at least the good ones do. They also have a warranty that takes care of damages within a certain time period.

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