The Pros and Cons of Skateboarding

The culture of skateboarding has been a significant part of society for years, and something absolutely everyone is aware of. If you live in a town or city, you will be especially aware of how skateboarding has changed the face of towns and cities. Unfortunately, there tends to be a bit of prejudice against skateboarders – they’re often viewed as ‘up to no good’ and associated with drugs, violence and mugging. In contrast, skaters are actually far less likely to be in trouble, because skateboarding is a huge passion and motivator for them.


Enthusiasm for Skateboarding

Skating really is a great thing for young people to get involved with. Many youngsters love the Xbox or Playstation, but computer games are so engaging that you can easily end up spending an entire day playing that and doing nothing else. Breaking it up with skating gets you out into the open air and moving about. That in itself can help you feel much happier and fulfilled as a person, and keeps you really fit.

Skating is such a deep passion for people, and with regular practise, you can learn some really amazing tricks. Get to know everyone else in the skating scene in your local area, and you’ll be well connected to be the very best you can be. Find out about other great places to skate, and this will open up a huge world of potential.

Skate Parks

Skate parks are a central feature to many city centers and parks, and a brilliant hub for young people to get together. Find out about your nearest ones and try them out, to find what works best for you and your style. Councils are really keen to talk to the people that actually use the parks, so they can improve current ones and build new ones that you’re really going to love and want to keep coming back to.

Issues with Skateboarding

Problems begin to form when kids start taking skateboarding outside of the park, and skate around the streets and shopping centers. There simply isn’t enough room out and about anymore to skate freely without engangering others, and elderly people are particularly fed up with young people knocking into them. Skaters needs to think about their actions, and perhaps think twice before skating into a busier area – remember that people are quick to judge and you will be doing no service for the skateboarding scene if you’re causing agro to other people.

The assumption by many that skateboarders are somehow automatically criminals is completely unfounded, but nevertheless, that assumption still stands due to a small minority making a bad name for the scene. Skaters should continue to do what they love, and strive to improve relations between themselves and non skaters; it’s an awesome part of our culture and something to be embraced by everyone.

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Citations: Image by RHiNO NEAL