What is an Urban Survival Kit?

Survival kit isn’t a catch-all phrase anymore like it used to be. These days, there are any number of different types of survival situations a person could find themselves in, and each requires a separate set of tools, equipment, and skills. There’s cold weather survival, desert survival, general outdoor survival, and urban survival, to name a few. What is different about urban survival? There are a lot of things that are required for urban survival that you might not necessarily need in the great outdoor wilderness.

Urban Survival

Let’s define the situation first: Urban survival is a situation in which you must survive for an unspecified length of time within an urban environment, such as a city. The specifics of the situation could be any number of things. Sometimes the buildings will be torn down or reduced to rubble, sometimes most people have evacuated but the buildings have been left standing, and other times the city is just as filled with people as it was before, but all water, electricity, and public services have been shut off – the most dangerous situation of all.

Survival Kit

Your Kit Depends on Your Situation

If you’re able to reach your home and shut yourself in after a disaster, that’s the most desirable situation to be in. But what if you are caught outside your house and have no way of getting back for at least a few days? An urban survival kit is specifically designed to facilitate travel, defense, and nourishment in an urban environment.

For one thing, food is usually plentiful in the city, although you may not always have immediate access to it. Grocery stores are a good example of this. They have all the food you need, but likely you will either have to force your way in or contend with other people who want the exact same thing. A crowbar is an excellent tool for forcing entry, and can be used as a defense weapon in a pinch as well.

Besides a crowbar, some of the tools you might want in an urban survival kit include:

  • Multi-tool or multi function knife
  • Approx. 50 feet of good nylon rope
  • A sewing kit
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust masks/gas masks (urban cities are prime targets for terrorist attacks, which could involve airborne nerve agents)
  • Leather work gloves

These tools will let you get over, around, into, or through just about anything in your path. A small tent works as far as shelter is concerned, but depending on the situation, you may have a choice of buildings in which to pass the nights.

Other Necessities for a Survival Kit

One thing you always want to be sure you have enough of is water and medical supplies. Standing water in the city is extremely likely to be contaminated and should never be drunk. Likewise, there are plenty of opportunities all around you to cut, scrape, bruise, break, or otherwise hurt yourself when you’re working your way through concrete, asphalt, and steel.

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Home Survival Kit Guide

Even in the comfort of your own home dangerous things can happen sometimes resulting in death. There are tens of thousands deaths every single year attributed to accidental deaths at home and in leisure time. The numbers that are involved are extremely high, and many people are constantly losing their lives simply because they are not prepared and do not have a good home survival kit. A home survival kit basically has a variety of first aid equipment inside that can help prevent the cause of death during dangerous emergencies. Getting a good quality kit can ensure that you and your family will be safe no matter what crises happen in your home or outdoors.

What Kind Of Kits Are Available?

First Aid KitThere are many different kits that you will find to be available. Usually people who are just at home will purchase the ordinary survival kit that includes band aids, burn wraps, antibiotic ointment, and a variety of different tools needed for basic injury treatment. These home survival kits are small and easily stored close at hand for any emergency situations that may arise. Many people who plan on going outdoors will get the more advanced outdoor kits that are available. Along with a first aid kit these will usually have basic survival equipment such as food rations, water purification tablets, flashlight, fire starting kit, and various other important survival gear. Usually these kits are bought online or in a store and will already have the main items inside, so there is no need to worry about not getting the important essentials for any adventurous day out. Whichever survival kit you decide to buy most readymade kits have the right stuff inside to suit your needs.

The Importance of a Home Survival Kit

The most important reason why a survival kit is needed is simply because injuries are so common place in the home and leisure environment. You can get hurt at any time of the day, you can get hurt and nobody will be there to help you apart from the content of your home survival kit. These kits are filled with everything that you need for surviving during some of the most dangerous events of our lives. Investing in a good survival kit can prevent you from lasting injury or in the worst situation prevent death.

What to Look for in a Kit

Whether it is for your home or for your next outdoor trip, making sure that it fits into your budget range is the first thing to look out for. But also make sure it contains all the first aid equipment and survival supplies you may need. Size and portability is also important so ensuring that it is easy to store at home or lug around if you’re out and about is also a factor to consider. It’s definitely not a bad idea to buy a big kit and place it somewhere in your kitchen or bedroom, so if it is hard to maneuver around the house then make sure that you place it in a practical and easy to get to place.

A home survival kit is very important item to have in your home. Many people are able to achieve a majority of success at saving their appendages or lives, simply because they had the right tools for the job at the correct moment in time. These kits are usually very affordable and are not difficult to buy, and they can easily be bought online. Make sure to always look out for the quality of the kit contents, the quality of the items inside is very important. If the items inside are not that effective and of low quality, then it could be harder to save your life and the life of others due to malfunction.

Written by Damian part of the marketing team for Australian survival supplies a vital supplier for any type of emergency.

Survival Skills – Why We All Need Them

Survival of the Fittest

Hands up anyone who has ever watched Bear Grylls or Ray Mears making fires, constructing shelters or catching rabbits and wished they could do the same things. These sorts of survival programmes on TV are extremely popular, and now everyone has the chance to take the next step and learn some real life survival skills with the experts.


Although Bear and the likes go on their adventures in exotic locations such as the Sahara desert or South Pacific islands, most survival courses taken by UK residents run in less exotic locations such as the Scottish Highlands or Welsh mountains. These locations are no less challenging though, and offer a superb environment in which to learn basic techniques such as building a waterproof shelter and foraging for food to live on.

Camp Fire - Winslow Homer

Back to Basics

Survival courses vary in terms of “toughness”. Some of the most extreme courses will see participants taken into the wilderness with their instructor’s expertise and nothing more than a Swiss Army knife to see them through the weekend. Other courses allow the use of specialist equipment such as hydration packs, which guarantee a supply of safe drinking water. Although using hydration packs may be seen as cheating by some, it allows the experts more time to concentrate on skills other than finding water and making it safe to drink. Courses where participants use hydration packs may focus in greater depth on how to identify which mushrooms are safe to eat, or how to set traps for animals.

Is it All About Getting Wet, Dirty and Cold?

In part, yes. The UK climate means it’s almost impossible to guarantee that any survival weekend will be blessed with warm and sunny weather so some degree of rain and wind is inevitable. Going properly equipped with waterproofs and warm clothing will keep participants warm and dry, as will learning where and how to make an effective shelter. Likewise, getting dirty isn’t always essential, and washing is possible in streams or even in the sea, depending on the time of year.

The Food Issue

Many of the TV survival programmes focus on the presenter eating an array of disgusting foods such as snakes or bugs, and drinking even weirder liquids. In the UK though we are lucky to have a range of wild foods such as fish, rabbit, berries and mushrooms growing all over the country, and it’s relatively easy to make a nutritious and tasty meal out of foraged food. Learning to make a fire is often the hardest part of the whole process, but the instructor is there to guide course participants in the use of flints to make their fire to cook over. Cheating and taking bars of chocolate is frowned upon, but may be what is required to get people through a wet and windy afternoon on a bleak Scottish moor.

Transferrable Skills

Although you won’t often be called on to start a fire without matches in your daily life, skills learned on a survival course can boost confidence and allow you to experience something away from the daily grind. Other skills such as map reading and navigation are far easier to translate into a more suburban existence.

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