Awesome Adventure Holiday Locations in the UK

Everyone assumes that when it comes to finding a great adventure holiday you have to look abroad and far away from the British Isles. This really isn’t the case as the UK provides a lot of great experiences that are right on our doorstep. Adrenaline junkies in particular need look no further than Britain for affordable and awesome getaways.

Fistrel Beach Surfer

Surfing in Cornwall

Cornwall is internationally recognised as one of the best locations in the UK for surfing, thanks to its large coastline, stunning beaches and great waves. Newquay is the capital for British surfing and its famous Fistral Beach hosts international surfing tournaments – but there plenty of other great places to ride the waves in. Watergate Bay on the north coast is also a very popular location with surfers and tourists, but if you’re really looking for challenging surf and consider yourself a seasoned pro, then beaches like Porthleven and Constantine might be right up your street.
Driving along the north coast of Cornwall reveals loads of surfing locations for both pros and amateurs. The culture of Cornwall also lives and breathes surfing and extreme sports, and the people are very laid back in nature, making it a great getaway destination.

Biking in Wales

Wales is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the UK that has an incredible rural landscape. With its rolling hills and untouched countryside, Wales is also the perfect spot for the avid cycler. From the national park of Snowdonia, where the biggest mountain in the British Isles, Mount Snowdon resides, to Coed Y Brenin which has beautiful forest scenery to admire, there are breathtaking cycling routes everywhere you go. The routes can be testing with a high inclining landscape and if you speak to the friendly locals they’ll divulge the secret locations of some really great routes. If you want a great cycling holiday, look no further than Wales.

Kayaking On the Scottish Coastline

Although the entirety of the UK provides great places to go kayaking or sailing, Scotland by far has the most stunning and mysterious landscape for water sports enthusiasts. Scotland’s coastline boasts picturesque views and has a rough and untamed quality to it that makes it a kayaker’s dream. With wildlife, secluded beaches, hidden caves and clean rivers, anyone who appreciates nature at its most beautiful will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. The Orkney Isles, Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides are just a sampling of all the great places around Scotland’s coast as its rich in locations for seafaring holidaymakers.

Scafell Pike

Hiking Scafell Pike In The Lake District

England’s largest mountain, situated in the Lake District in Cumbria, is one of the biggest hiking challenges in the UK. Ascending its steep climb is a test for keen walkers but it’s all worthwhile once you reach the top and absorb the incredible views of the North of England and beyond. The location of Scafell Pike also presents plenty of other memorable walks nearby in The Lake District. A trip to Cumbria provides plenty of opportunity for exploration and admiration of beautiful scenery as well as various activities and camping spots.
With these great locations all within short travelling distance, you needn’t be so eager to jump on a plane to more exotic climes. The UK is beautiful and has plenty of its own incredible landscapes and heart pumping activities to engage in. So what are you waiting for, pack your favourite Converse walking boots and book a memorable trip to one of these fantastic destinations!

Citations: Images by Tim Simpson ChrisPerriman

A Beginners Guide to Surfing

Whether you just moved to the coast or visit frequently, you may want to learn to surf. Now you don’t have to ride huge waves for miles at a time to enjoy surfing. You can enjoy surfing at just about any skill level, and get the most out of your visit to the beach.

Surf Lesson

Not Your Brother’s Boogie Board

Those boogie boards are great for helping to support your weight as you explore the surf, but to truly learn to ride waves, you need a surf board. Sorry, there aren’t any surf boards with training wheels, but there are plenty of different styles to choose from to help you learn to balance and steer.

Performance Boards

Performance boards are actually designed for the more advanced surfer. They are designed to make quick turns and do tricks in the water. They usually are not as stable as the wider beginner boards. If you tried surfing on a friend’s board, and had no success, you may have been on a performance board. Instead, try again with a fun shapes board.

Fun Shapes Board

This isn’t the funny little boogie boards with pictures of Spongebob. A Fun Shape board looks like a regular surfboard. But there are some significant differences between the Fun Shapes and a performance board.
Fun shapes are usually shorter, at 7’2” to 7’10”. They are also narrow enough for you to lie on and still reach the water so you can paddle out into the waves comfortable, but they’re wide enough to be easy to balance on. Usually, you’ll find them to be a little over 21” wide. Generally, a longer board will be more stable.

Long Boards

You can, however, get a board that is too long. Sure, long boards are stable, but they are usually really hard to turn. Some intermediate or advanced surfers may like long boards because they’re great for riding really big waves, but for the beginner, they’re more like driving an old truck with standard transmission and no power steering. These are usually about 8’ or more in length.

Short Boards

Short boards are the Ferraris of surfing. They turn easily and quickly, and can be very fast. This makes them hard to learn on, because they quickly will scoot out from under you.

Build Skills

Beginning surfers have a lot to learn besides balance. It takes a lot of physical strength and endurance to be a surfer. If you’ll start with a fun shapes board, you have a stable board that you can steer. It will develop all of your skills, where if you learn on a long board, you won’t learn to steer as quickly. If you learn on a short board, you may get too tired and can’t keep going. Endurance is a big thing for surfers. Once you build up your strength, you can move to a long board for those big waves, and you can enjoy popping around in the surf on a short board.

Ed Brooke enjoys his watersports, when he isn’t riding the waves or traveling you can usually find him working for his local surf shop.

Citations: Image by Mike Baird