Get Paid to Be a Daredevil

If you’ve always been a bit of a daredevil and wonder how you can make a living feeding that need, you might not have to look that far. There are plenty of careers – some surprising – that can help you be the professional adventurer you’ve always dreamed of being.

Theme Parks

That’s right, theme parks. Based on your education and experience you could possibly work with various forms of wildlife at theme parks such as SeaWorld (located in San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando, Florida). SeaWorld is home to a huge variety of birds and aquatic life, including sharks, rays, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, otters and whales. Within each specialty, the parks then have sub specialties you may be eligible to apply for.

If the animals are a no-go but you’ve a need for speed then how about roller coasters? From designers to builders to repair mechanics, the perks of getting to ride such beauties every day can’t help but make a daredevil’s heart sing.

Sky Diving and Hang Gliding

Tandem Sky Dive

If you love sailing through the sky why not consider working at a Drop Zone specializing in sky diving or hang gliding? Even if you aren’t qualified to be an instructor you could work in the gift shop or maybe manage marketing and tours and hopefully get free or discounted flight benefits. And if you show promise, some companies might even assist you to become certified as an instructor! Depending on skill level and personal wishes customers might jump solo or fly tandem with an instructor.

Tour Guide

No matter where you live, if tourism is any part of the economy then guides of all stripes will most likely be needed. Love thoughts of all things otherworldly? Why not conduct ghost tours? Are you a major history buff of a certain era or famous figure? Then consider bring it all back to life for visitors from across the globe. If you love the subject matter every tour will have something new to offer. Sure, you’ll learn a script of sorts but there are few things more rewarding than learning all you can about a subject and then being paid to share your knowledge?

Not really into traditional history but love Rock and Roll? How about aligning yourself with the likes of Hard Rock or with one of the various music museums so many towns have to offer? No matter what type of historical significance or genre, signing up to be a tour guide can be a fun gig to land.

Window Washing

Okay so maybe this one sounds a little less than glamorous but if you want a daily adrenalin rush try hanging outside a 12 story building like Spider Man. Folks with Acrophobia need not apply because this particular job requires a major acceptance of hanging up high, often with your feet hanging free. Not high enough? How about becoming a window washer for a sky scraper? This line of work is obviously not without risk so a clear head and proper training and equipment is needed to perform such a thing safely. But because of such potential for injury the pay can be quite lucrative.

So how do you get your thrills? If you’ve always been a hobbyist why not finding a way to turn your love of adventure into a career?

Written by Erin Nolan. Injured during your adventure? Get help:

Citations: Image by Flawedartist

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