Half Marathon Training Tips

Training for a half marathon involved much more than just jogging a few times a week. Unlike a 5 or 10km race, a half marathon is not something that most people could hope to complete without a certain amount of planning, conditioning and fitness prior to race day.

The following tips and pointers aim to keep your half marathon training on track and give you a few things to think about as you start your running.

Marathon Runner

Follow a Tailored Training Program

13 miles is a long way to run and chances are you wont be casually running 13 mile training runs when you start your half marathon training! It is important that you start with shorter distance sessions and then build up to 13miles over a period of at least a month or two as otherwise you can run the risk of injury.

There are plenty of training schedules available for free of the internet. Websites such as Runners World and The Running Bug have a number of excellent programs that can be tailored to your schedule no matter what your current fitness level, running experience or working pattern

Invest in a Specialist Pair of Running Shoes

This sounds like an obvious point but many runners fail to follow one of the basic rules of Running. Look after your feet and they will look after you.

Go to a specialist running shops and have something called ‘gait analysis’ done on your running style. This will usually involve you running on a treadmill whilst a member of staff looks on and identifies what shoes will be the best for you. Shoes are available in many forms so the member of staff will be able to talk you through your options and help you pick your perfect pair

Also, something that is worth remembering is that shoes do wear out. Aim to replace your shoes at least once every half a year as otherwise their structural integrity can fail, cushioning can wear down and your chances of picking up and injury can increase!

Join a Running Club or Society

Committing to a running schedule is hard work. Sometimes you really wont want to don your shoes and go for a 6pm training run in the pouring rain, but sometimes these things have to be done!

By joining a running club, society or at least training with a few friends will make running seem less of a chore and there is nothing like the thought of letting a friend down that motivates you to get outdoors more!

For more tips and tricks on how you can get the best out of your running, see the half marathon training plans available at Runtheline.com or consult a website such as RunnersWorld or TheRunningBug for a full selection of running resources aimed at all levels and experiences of athletes. For reviews on all things running such as the Polar RCX3 Review check out the same blog.

This half marathon training article was written by Ross from the running blog Run The Line

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