Nature at its Wildest – River Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Choosing the perfect holiday destination can be quite difficult because every tourist hotspot in the world has its own charm and attractions.  However, if you are the adventurous sort and want to have an exhilarating experience then river rafting in the Grand Canyon is something you should try.

Grand Canyon Rafting

North or South Rim?

Located in the state of Arizona in the United States, the capital city Phoenix and the other major cities are well connected by air and road.

Most people visit the south rim of the Canyon since its open all year round and is easily accessible. Getting to the river from the south rim requires an amount of hiking.  Mule services are available to carry equipment but you will still need to carry a pack that contains water bottles, your camera and food supplies.

The north rim, which rises a thousand feet higher than the south, is for the more adventurous to tackle.

Rafting for All

There is no one-day trip to the Grand Canyon – the river trips can last from a few days to around three weeks.   As highly trained and experienced personnel supervise rafting, everyone from teenagers to much older adults can enjoy the raging white waters.

Best Seasons to Raft

Although there is no ‘bad’ time to visit the Grand Canyon, spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit.  While a visit to the canyon in April gives clear weather and clean sparkling water, October is the ‘yellow’ season.  Numerous yellow plants light up the way with their yellow blooms and the mild weather add to the beauty of this exploration.  The summers, which run from June to August, can be a bit hot with intense heat around midday.

Catations: Image by Al_HikesAZ

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