The Beauty and Dangers of Winter Running

Running when the air is cold and crisp in winter is one of the most beautiful times to be out running. The fresh clean air inspires you to feel as if you can run that extra mile, till you reach that extra mile of course. Your body is cool, your nose is frozen and your legs are numb. All symptoms of winter running, but as the weather gets cooler the danger of ice can be a real problem.

snow winter walk

Most of the time you can handle the odd slip here and there but as the winters get colder (as they seem to be doing) it can often seem more of challenge to beat the ice rather than beating your last pace. That’s why last winter I bought some Spikes, or mini crampons as they are also known. Developed from the idea of crampons which are used when mountaineering, Spikes are for the general hiker who needs to handle some ice or snow in winter.

running snowCosting around £50 I was a bit sceptical about how this little device could handle my running however after walking the dog and conducting a little test running I was really surprised. Not only did the Spikes really grip into the ice, it seemed to crush the ice beneath my feet. They really gave me the confidence to hit my top pace when faced with ice and now I have the freedom to run all year. The pair I got are made from elastomer, so you really get a sense of free flexibility in your feet but at the same time feel in complete control.

I would really recommend picking up a pair of Spikes this winter and giving yourself the confidence to reach that extra mile. I even got a pair for my Dad who often finds it hard to get out the house when the pavements are icy. A real freedom giving piece of gear.

Author – Scott Taylor: Scott Taylor is a young blogger who likes to write about anything involving the outdoors. You can connect with Scott on twitter @Scottthegreat1

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