Too afraid to skydive? Try it indoors!

Indoor skydiving is an adventure for people who want to feel like they’re flying, but don’t want to jump from an airplane. With the assistance of a vertical, high velocity wind tunnel, it’s possible for enthusiasts to experience body flight in a safe, highly controlled environment. There’s very little equipment involved, and no need to worry about parachute failure. In fact, this recreational activity is so easy that children as young as three years old routinely participate in it.

Without a doubt, skydiving is a thrilling proposition. Some people might like to try it, but they just can’t picture themselves actually taking that initial leap out of the airplane. They see themselves careening through the air some 15,000 feet above the Earth, and their heart fails them.

However, with indoor skydiving, it’s possible to experience similar thrills without the risk inherent in traditional skydiving. Most indoor skydiving facilities are constructed with a soft, trampoline-like base. The walls are padded to ensure that the vast majority of bumps are soft landings. Best of all, people with a fear of heights will find very little reason for this adventure to raise their level of anxiety. It’s possible for them to float just a few feet above the trampoline surface. In many instances, their instructor will be right there with them the whole time, holding on to them to ensure a safe and secure experience.

Anyone can participate in indoor skydiving with just a little instruction and the right equipment. Instructors will offer tips and advice, and some facilities also provide a video presentation. This educational session takes just a few minutes and provides participants with everything they need to know, including essential hand signals to be used during flight.

Indoor skydiving facilities are popping up all over the world. They are becoming quite popular in vacation destinations like Las Vegas and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The facility in Las Vegas, known as Vegas Indoor Skydiving, is recognized as the oldest operating facility of its kind. In Pigeon Forge, visitors take a flight at Flyaway. Orlando has long been considered a major vacation destination, and their iFly Orlando facility definitely cements this reputation.

Indoor skydiving is an adrenaline rush for every participant. It lets people feel the thrill of flying through the air, but without the risks typically associated with jumping from an airplane. It’s an unforgettable experience, and one which most people want to try again.

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